About us

About us

Loop Strategy is formed out of two groups.

On the one side we have a group of former currency floor traders who have worked for the biggest names in the industry and have many years of practical experience in currency trading.

On the other side, we combine our expertise with successful technical traders who developed their skills over the past years with online currency trading.

These are two different worlds and by combining the best of both we have developed a strategy with a very good risk/reward ratio.

Of course, this alone is not enough to reach continuous success.

Besides having a good strategy it’s of the utmost importance for a trader to have control over his emotions so that neither fear nor greed can be an influencing factor on trading decisions.
The markets are driven by fear and greed. Nobody has both these factors in perfect balance all of the time. When a trader is overwhelmed by emotions, he can in one day lose the profits he built up over several weeks.

To avoid this, we have taken a few strong programmers on board who have transformed our strategy into an automatic trading system, that can execute it. Software doesn’t have emotions.

A good trader is likely a poor programmer. A good programmer is likely a poor trader. An alliance of both is hugely important.

Markets are changing, so we need to upgrade our strategy/software when this happens.  Besides this there is a need to monitor the software,  so we employ a team that keeps an eye on all individual accounts so errors can be detected at an early stage.

Furthermore we have a helpdesk that can answer all your questions or forward you to the right person within our organization. This way, you will always have the most accurate information.

As you can see we have a diversified team of people, each with their own strengths and merits.

This is how we see the interesting world of currency trading. If you can find yourself in our philosophy, we will certainly have a long lasting and profitable cooperation.